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Posted on 01-05-2017

Introducing Dr. Sherri Edgar!

Dr. Edgar grew up all over the southeast United States. She spent the 10 years prior to moving to Utah in Knoxville, TN. Those 10 years were the longest that she had ever lived in one place and she now considers Knoxville her hometown. Dr. Edgar graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2014. She practiced in Tennessee for one year prior to joining the team at Sugar House Veterinary Hospital in April 2015.

Q: Why did you become a veterinary professional?

A: When I was younger I knew I liked animals and had considered veterinary medicine. At the time I was choosing a career path, I didn’t think I could handle doing euthanasia. Because of that, I wound up deciding to study shark behaviorism. When I went home for the holidays during my first year of undergrad, I found my gecko very ill. He had very little chance of survival and I wound up smuggling him into my dorm room so I could do daily injections and force-feeding. During this time, I spent a lot of time on reptile forums getting ideas for diets and how to get him through his illness. Many of the people I spoke with drove four hours each way to find a vet willing to treat reptiles. Geico survived his illness and lived for many more years. During his illness I spent a good deal of time considering if I should euthanize him and I realized that it was something I was willing to do to help my pet. At the end of that semester I transferred to the University of Tennessee to finish undergrad and go to vet school.

Q: In your role as a veterinary professional, what kind of cases do you like?

A: I have a strong interest in pain management and reptile medicine.

Q: Who is in your family and what pets do you have at home?

A: My husband and I share our home with quite a zoo. We have two shelties (Kinta and Naiah), a border collie/lab mutt (Pepper), an affenpinscher (Dudley), two cats (Cali and Tubby-Tubby-Tubbo), two ball pythons (Aithusa and Spot), a California king snake (Saphira), a bearded dragon (Xena), and an iguana (Darwin).

Q: What are some of your interests and personal achievements?

A: In my free time I enjoy hiking, reading, painting, knife throwing, and I recently trained for my first 5K.

Q: How long have you been working with animals?

A: I’ve had animals since I was born. I first started taking over responsibility for my pets in middle school, and by high school I was taking care of our dogs, my lizard, and setting up/maintaining multiple saltwater tanks. I started in a veterinary hospital shortly after graduating with my BS and haven’t stopped since then.

Q: If you were a pet, what kind would you be and why?

A: I would probably be a sugar glider. They are interesting and fun to watch, they do well in groups, but left to their own devices are likely to do something stupid and hurt themselves. I think that pretty well sums me up.

Q: What do you find most rewarding about your job at Sugar House Veterinary Hospital?

A: I love that I never live the same day twice. I enjoy the challenge of complex cases and helping pets in need. Of course I love getting to save patients, but sometimes being there with a family and helping them to give the greatest (albeit the most difficult) gift of relief of suffering is just as rewarding. I guess I’m not really doing a great job of picking the most rewarding part of my job, but I find myself unable to choose on single thing. I’ll just say I find lots of parts of this job rewarding and leave it at that.

Cindy said:

A truly magnificent Vet. She will help you and your animals find the answer to their problems. Salt Lake is so lucky to have her.

2017-01-06 16:45:33

Allie Blackham said:

Dr. Edgar is an amazing vet and compassionate person. She has gone above and beyond to help treat my cat's chronic illnesses and because of her amazing care, he has lived a much healthier and happier life.

2017-10-03 12:51:03

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